Everyone is sure to experience some form of hair loss throughout their lifetime, whether it’s thanks to genetics, too much stress or a poor diet. To prepare yourself for what the future may hold, here are several reasons you might be losing your hair.

Physical or Emotional Stress

Stress on the body is more likely to cause hair loss than emotional stress, but it does happen. To deal with both manners of stress, consider adding outlets into your daily routine, like meditation, yoga, intense exercise or therapy to lower your chances of hair loss.


If a male or female-pattern hair loss runs in your family, then you’re more likely to experience hair loss as you age. Male-pattern baldness with manifest through a receding hairline while female-pattern hair loss will show itself through hair thinning. To help regrow some of what you’ve lost, products like Rogaine are available over the counter.

Too Much Vitamin A

Consuming too much vitamin A can trigger hair loss in both men and women. The daily value for an adult is 5,000 units, so if you find that you’re consuming much more than the recommended daily amount, simply stop and watch your hair grow back over time.

Not Enough Vitamin B

Low levels of vitamin B in your body can result in hair loss. To remedy this, you can take vitamin supplements daily as well as making a few changes in your diet. Include vitamin B rich foods like fish, starchy vegetables and non-citrus fruit.

Dramatic Weight Loss

Losing a lot of weight in a short period of time will result in drastic hair loss, among other health-related issues. This can be due to a combination of physical stress and vitamin or mineral deficiency. As it’s a shock to your body, expect hair loss to proceed for a few months before correcting itself.

Certain Medication have Side Effects

Antidepressants, blood thinners and other medications in certain drug classes can cause hair loss. If the loss of your hair is an issue, then talk to your doctor about alternative medication options that can reduce or eliminate the problem.


It’s common to experience hair loss as you get older, particularly in your 50s and 60s. While this condition can’t be cured, there are ways to prevent your hair from falling out at an alarming rate. All you need to do is reduce your stress levels, avoid hair breakage and stick to a nutritious diet.


Using harsh products, high heat and aggressive techniques over time will destroy your hair as you get older. As many practices can affect the roots of your hair, it can prevent it from growing back as efficiently as it once did. To maintain your hair, avoid over-styling your hair, always use conditioner and let your hair air dry to avoid heat.

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