About Dermatech

We at Kaloya Dermatech, want to help you enter the laser hair removal industry with ease by the help of our new painless IPL laser technology. We have created a unique machine that offers multiple treatment types so you can satisfy your customer’s needs with one machine. We have over 15 years of experience within the spa industry so we know what the business owner and the customer are seeking. We also develop a custom marketing plan that is unique to your business so you and your business thrive.

Owning our own spa allowed us to gain some insight and feedback as to what our customers thought about the machine. Through this interaction between us and hundreds of clients we can say with confidence, that we have found the perfect balance of results and comfort.

Are you worried about getting into this industry? Look no further than Kaloya Dermatech, because not only will we provide you with the best laser hair removal machine out there, but we will train you to get the best benefit from your machine!

laser hair removal machine

Why Choose Us?

Training Included

Kaloya DermaTech offers KDT-750 to ensure safety and effectiveness. Our Trainers will help clients professionally enter the laser industry. Our hands on approach provides new start-ups with business and marketing advice. Kaloya DermaTech leaves you with the confidence to successfully treat your clients and grow your cosmetic laser practice.

Hair Removal

How does intense pulsed light or IPL treatment work? Permanent hair reduction using IPL works on the principle of exposing the area where hair reduction is desired to a series of very short pulses of concentrated light. The energy is converted into heat in the hair and base of follicle, which stops the process of hair growth.

Skin Rejuvenation

KDT-750 is able to remove pigmentation on the epidermal area. KDT-750 also allows you to treat an area more quickly. Therefore, you can use this IPL machine for skin whitening and toning by eliminating lesions on the epidermis by 420-950nm with powerful energy.